Technology Panel

“How to Evaluate and Select Data Mesh and Data Fabric Products”

Fathom, our AI bot, did a nice job summarizing the vendor panel discussion on data products and was kind enough to provide links to the actual recording: 

  • In the discussion, Wayne, Kevin, Matt, Rick, and Kaycee discussed the growing importance of data products in managing and consuming data effectively. They highlighted the challenges faced by clients in building data products and the need for tools and capabilities to facilitate their development and delivery. – PLAY @0:41
  • The discussion revolved around the importance of certifying data assets in a data store and fostering collaboration and the free flow of data across organizational boundaries. They also emphasized the need for tools and products that can help search, discover, and trust data, as well as provide rich metadata and an Amazon-like experience for data products. – PLAY @9:48
  • The discussion revolved around the importance of data integration and coherence in creating reliable data products. They also discussed how a data fabric can aid in the implementation and adoption of generative AI by providing a single access point to trusted and curated data. – PLAY @19:08
  • The discussion revolved around the challenges of preventing data silos and maintaining a unified view of data products. They also discussed the role of data lakes and warehouses in complementing the data fabric and mesh approach. – PLAY @27:59
  • In the conversation, Wayne and others discussed the importance of accessible and easy consumption of data products, emphasizing the need for agility and collaboration. They also highlighted the shift towards decentralized ownership of data and the significance of providing a single point of secured access for all data. – PLAY @36:59