Breakout Sessions

Here is a summary of breakout sessions at the CDO TechVent on August 17, 2023

How to use Generative AI in Developing Data Products and Analysis

Presented by Rick Hall, CEO, Coginiti

Coginiti CEO Rick Hall discusses how to overcome two of the critical challenges facing enterprise data teams: access to quality data and the inability to reuse work. You’ll understand why quality products with clear definitions are an essential starting point to empowering end users with generative AI for analysis. Showcasing Coginiti’s collaborative data workspace integrated with ChatGPT, Rick demonstrates how such an AI-driven approach not only speeds up analysis but also assists in building robust data structures that pave the way for future innovations.

How an AI-Enhanced Data Fabric Accelerates the Creation of Data Product

Presented by Kaycee Lai, CEO & Founder, Promethium

In this session, Kaycee discussed:

  • How Generative AI increases the demands for data from business users
  • The Benefits of an AI-enhanced Data Fabric
  • How Unified Data Fabrics enable data product initiatives.