There are many benefits to data products managed in a data store. (See figure 1.) Product owners don’t waste time fulfilling requests for data assets and can engage in ongoing product planning and enrichment. Product consumers benefit quite a bit: they don’t have to wait for owners to fulfill their requests for data assets and a data store makes it easy to find, evaluate, and acquire data products. 

Product managers can evaluate usage and demand across multiple products and consumers, and they can more easily build pipelines to link assets. Data leaders can rejoice because data products can reduce data silos and force business users (e.g., product owners) to better govern their assets. For executives, data products can foster a culture of data sharing and enable enlightened ones to establish a data-centric community within their industry.

“The biggest benefit of a data product is that it SAVES TIME! It saves product owners time spent fulfilling endless requests and data consumers waiting for requests to be fulfilled.”

Figure 1. Best Practices

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