Data Asset Versus Data Product

Wayne believes there is a subtle, but fundamental difference between a data asset and a data product. (See figure 1.) 

Data products support data sharing across organizational boundaries, whether internal or external, whereas a data asset is for internal consumption only. Many companies have erected rigid boundaries between departments or business units through which data can’t easily pass. Data products foster greater data sharing both internally and externally. 

A data product is transactional in nature. It allows automated data sharing among people who don’t know each other. As mentioned above, a data store is inextricably linked to a data product because it enables a data product to be transactional. But this requires data product owners to predefined access rights, terms of usage and service, subscription options, and delivery options. 

Finally, a data product breaks the traditional project-oriented paradigm of asset development. A data product requires a program of continuous planning, development, monitoring, and feedback.

“Data products support data sharing across internal or external organizational boundaries, fostering data sharing where none previously existed.”

Comparing Data Assets and Data Products

Figure 1. Comparing Data Assets and Data Products

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