About Eckerson Group

Wayne Eckerson, a globally known author, speaker, and consultant, formed Eckerson Group to help organizations get more value from their data. His goal was to provide organizations with expert guidance during every stage of their data and analytics journey.

Eckerson Group helps organizations in three ways:

  • Our research analysts publish practical, compelling content that keeps data analytics leaders abreast of the latest trends, techniques, and tools in the field.
  • Our consultants listen carefully, think deeply, and craft tailored solutions that translate business requirements into compelling strategies and solutions.
  • Our advisors provide competitive intelligence and market positioning guidance to software vendors to improve their go-to-market strategies.

Eckerson Group is a global research, consulting, and advisory firm that focuses on data and analytics. Our experts specialize in data governance, self-service analytics, data architecture, data science, data management, and business intelligence.

Our clients say we are hard-working, insightful, and humble. It all stems from our love of data and desire to help organizations turn insights into action. We are a family of continuous learners, interpreting the world of data and analytics for you.

Get more value from your data. Put an expert on your side. Learn what Eckerson Group can do for you!

“Data governance platforms are typically anchored by a data catalog….”

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