Practitioner’s Perspective

Dave Saunders, Director of Data, Analytics, and Governance at Kellogg Company says the company started its data governance journey by implementing a product information management (PIM) tool to standardize product data. It then mastered customer and finance and implemented a data quality management tool. More recently, it has focused on privacy and consumer data and is implementing a global privacy and compliance tool. At the same time, it is implementing data governance to facilitate an initiative to modernize its data and analytics domain. Here, the company is focused on delivering “minimum viable governance” and gamification to ensure the success of this initiative.

Watch the video to hear more about Kellogg’s journey.

“Kellogg uses ‘minimal viable governance’ and gamification to ensure the success of its data governance initiative.”

Minimum Viable Governance (MVG)

Taking a Crawl, Walk, Run approach and applying learnings as Governance expands and evolves

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