Types of Marketplaces

  1. External Data Marketplaces support the exchange of data among many data providers and many data consumers. They support unique ecosystems with a primary focus: global, country, region, municipality, industry, consortium, open data, or data specific. For example, the Japan Data Exchange is an example of a country data marketplace; the Space Data Marketplace is a data-specific marketplace that focuses on satellite data only; and Afteriize is an industry data marketplace for players in the automotive afterparts market.
  2. Internal Marketplaces are the inverse of external data marketplaces. They support the exchange of data among disparate business units within a single organization. Internal marketplaces are common within large conglomerates, companies that purchase lots of other companies, or organizations with very autonomous departments, such as universities and research hospitals.
  3. Seller Hubs are data storefronts run by a single dominant data provider that seeks to attract many data consumers who want to purchase its data products. Traditional data brokers, such as Axciom, Experian, and CoreLogic, run seller hubs as well as many startup data providers looking to cash in on the rush to monetize data assets.
  4. Buyer Hubs are data mechanisms that facilitate data exchange among a single dominant data buyer and multiple data suppliers. The U.S. government, large corporations such as Wal-Mart, and service providers who consume and aggregate client data run Buyer Hubs to facilitate the ingestion of third party data.

There are four types of data marketplaces: external marketplaces, internal marketplaces, seller hubs, and buyer hubs

Learn about the four types of data marketplaces.

Four Types of Data Marketplaces


Types of External Data Marketplaces:

  • Global data marketplaces
  • Country data marketplaces
  • Regional data marketplaces
  • City data marketplaces
  • Industry data marketplaces
  • Consortium marketplaces
  • Open data marketplaces
  • Data-specific marketplaces


  • Japan Data Exchange (JDEX)
  • Shanghai Data Exchange (city)
  • Space Data Marketplace (satellite data)
  • Agdatahub (agriculture industry)
  • Corelogic Discovery (real estate industry)
  • Aferiize (automotive parts industry)