Expert Panel

How to Evaluate Data Products


  • Rick hall, CEO & Founder, Coginity
  • Anthony Deighton, General Manager of Data Products, Tamr
  • Wayne Eckerson, President, Eckerson Group

Our expert panel had a far-reaching discussion on data products and addressed questions from the audience. Some of the main points were: 

  • Data governance cannot be purely centralized/top down. (Rick)
  • Start with consumption rather than production. (Anthony)
  • Data mesh philosophy reminds us that data product ownership should be as close to the source as possible. (Rick)
  • You need both central and distributed elements – i.e., a federated model. (Wayne)
  • Empower end-users but govern edge data consumption. (All) 
  • Focus on the value of data products by examining their output and what a consumer does with it.