Data Product Best Practices

We’re in the early stages of understanding how to deploy and manage data products effectively. However, there are some obvious best practices. Some of these we culled from our survey respondents who elaborated on success factors and pitfalls in response to an open-ended question. (See figure 1.) 

  1. Be sure everyone understands what a data product is. 
  2.  Find executives who are passionate about data-driven decision making and will continuously fund a data product. 
  3. Seed your data product team with experienced product managers to achieve a “product mindset.” 
  4. Know your target audience; understand their work objectives, workflows, and data needs. 
  5. Create well-defined use cases for your target audience.
  6. Build initial use cases with a small dedicated team, iterate, adjust, and repeat. 
  7. Publish data products to a data market and promote them heavily.
  8. Track adoption and usage.

“Seed your data product team with experience product managers to achieve a product mindset.”

Figure 1.

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