Practitioner Interview

Wayne Eckerson interviewed Michael Ross, senior vice president of Blue Sky Specialty Pharmacy and Anupam Nandwana, CEO of P360, which provides data management services to life sciences firms. (See figures 1 and 2).

“Data products must be testable, usable, and lovable.” – Mike Ross

Figure 1. Michael Ross Interview


Mike Ross said: 

  • Data products must be “testable, usable, and loveable.” By that he meant they must pass governance tests, be easy to use and deploy, and be data products that users will use and move the needle for the organization. 
  • Product managers should have product management experience and drive conversations with outside users.
  • Their governance council is critical to weeding through the list of requests and selecting data products that are valuable to the company. 
  • Although their 50 or so data products aren’t sophisticated, sometimes just a SQL query and Excel report, they’ve matured through the product lifecycle–and have even retired a data product that was not being used anymore.

Figure 2. Anupam Nandwana Interview


Anupam Nandwana said: 

  • Data products can derive from MDM golden records.
  • P360 embeds Tamr into its products which help life sciences firms manage data and support internal and external communications.  
  • He said the key barriers to generating data products are the growing data volumes, the need for product ownership, and cross-functional processes for standardizing data products across business domains.

Practitioner Interviews