Market Definition

Now we define the four segments of the market for data pipeline management. They include data ingestion, data transformation, DataOps, and pipeline orchestration. A variety of commercial and open-source tools address one or more of these four market segments. Many commercial tools take a no code/low code approach by providing a graphical user interface that reduces or eliminates the need for manual scripting.

  • Data ingestion tools help configure, manage, and monitor pipelines that ingest data using the various tasks described earlier.
  • Transformation tools help design, build, and execute jobs that transform data in the ways described earlier.
  • DataOps tools help continuously integrate and continuously deploy (CI/CD) pipeline code, test code functionality, and observe both pipeline performance and data quality.
  • Orchestration tools automate the workflows that stitch together pipelines and the tools and applications that consume their outputs.

The market for data pipeline management includes data ingestion, data transformation, DataOps, and pipeline orchestration

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Market Segments

Data pipeline management comprises data ingestion and transformation, DataOps, and orchestration