Technology Panel

“How to Evaluate and Select a Next-Generation Data Catalog”

  • Bryon Jacob, CTO & Founder,
  • Kaycee Lai, CEO & Founder, Promethium
  • Lewis Wynne-Jones, VP of Product, ThinkData Works


Fathom, our AI bot, did a nice job summarizing the vendor panel discussion on next-generation data catalogs and was kind enough to provide links to the actual recording: 

  • Panelists discussed the changes in data catalogs over the past decade and how they should run natively in the cloud. They also talked about the importance of indexing not just structured data, but also non-structured data and how AI is changing what data catalogs can do, including supporting natural language search and using generative AI to automate tagging and annotation. PLAY @0:19
  • The group also discussed the impact of AI on data curation and annotation, as well as the limitations of large language models (LLMs) in complex tasks. They also emphasized the importance of metadata and domain-specific catalogs in achieving accuracy and relevancy in data discovery, while also addressing security concerns. Adoption of data catalogs was seen as a challenge due to the need to cater to both technical and business users.  PLAY @8:39
  • The panel then  discussed the challenges of data catalog adoption and shared tricks to increase user engagement, such as integration with other tools, visualizations, and AI-powered suggestions. They also highlighted the importance of data virtualization in enabling users to not only find but also use the data within the catalog.  PLAY @16:50
  • The panel also discussed the importance of catering to different user personas and providing a user-friendly interface for data catalog adoption. They also highlighted the significance of data virtualization and AI in the future of the data catalog market.  PLAY @24:50
  • Finally, the group discussed the role of data catalogs in data management and the importance of making them user-friendly for different personas, including data scientists. They also emphasized the value of their company’s experience in building a data catalog and how it can help others in the same journey. – PLAY @32:59