Product Framework

To help companies create a short list of data catalog products to evaluate, Eckerson Group has created a product framework. 

The Y-axis is Scope, which segments mid-market from enterprise products.

The X-axis is Go-To-Market which segments vendors that only sell data catalogs from those that sell a multiplicity of products.

Each quadrant represents a different category of data catalog product geared to different types of customer requirements. The colored shapes also represent different categories of data catalogs from general purpose to self-service-oriented and compliance-oriented.

Figure 10


As you can see, there are many products in each quadrant. 

The upper right quadrant consists of large vendors with either cloud data platforms or BI platforms which contain a data catalog to help customers find, navigate, and understand content within the platform. 

The lower right quadrant consists of data catalogs from smaller platform vendors in the data governance, data virtualization, and self-service space. 

The bottom-left quadrant consists of pureplay, mid-market data catalog vendors, many of which are focused on the self-service market.

The upper left quadrant consists of pureplay, enterprise data catalog products that are either general purpose tools or oriented towards compliance or data governance.

Figure 11.